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Nov 1999 - June 2016

Our Beloved Tasha (Nov 1999 to June 2016)
Our sincere thanks to all of the Veterinarians (especially Dr. Shaneen Kennedy), all of the RVT's, as well as the administrative staff at Southside Animal Clinic for their wonderful, compassionate care of Tasha over almost 17 years. We were truly blessed to have her as long as we did, and that is in no small part due to the excellent care she received from the entire clinic. Thank you again. Shirley and Joe Ferriggi



Our beloved dog of 17 years was sadly sent to the rainbow bridge on feb 14/20
She had a long and good life full of treats, love, and cuddles
She was a feisty little girl who would tell her human dad to hurry up to bed or take her for her walk
She loved car rides going to the trailer or just a ride around the block
She will be sadly missed by her human mommy, human sister, and her human daddy

Thank- you to the Southside Animal Clinic



Twelve years ago, Charlie walked into our lives and melted our hearts.
A few months after rescuing Charlie, we rescued a beautiful girl, Brooklyn.
They have spent most of their lives together, now that has changed.
For a little guy, he sure made his presence known.
Charlie Boy, - was Personality Plus!
Favorite times, from demanding breakfast, bird watching
racing around the house, with Brooklyn, to after dinner snuggles.
He wasn't terribly fond of people, but his favorite person, besides us,
was his Grandma Marilyn.
March 4th - 2020, we said our good-byes!
"Born of the stars - we go back to the Stars"
Charlie - You will be dearly missed!
We LoveYou!!!



Bibit died on Wednesday, February 13, 2020, after dealing with complications from a kidney tumour. He was 17 years old.
He was a happy cat that loved and was loved unconditionally. He enjoyed his daily routine with his Mom and his nightly routine with his Dad (see picture). His nickname was Bibit "The Great" because he was truly great in every way. He will be missed by his adopted brothers, Organique and Pitwo, and will never be forgotten by those who had the opportunity to meet him. We love you Bibit…Always and forever.
Many thanks goes out to Karen Lucas and her incredible staff for their kindness and care on what was a very difficult day.
Love Serena and Jamaal



Teesha. Teesha was the sweetest little girl and brought such joy to her mommy and daddy. She loved her baby toys and snuggles from dad. We were blessed to have her for 14 years and are heartbroken that she had to leave. We miss you Teetee.



Toshi. Toshi was mommy's "best dog". There will never be another dog like you. I will miss our trips to Timmy's, your "trick" and your incredible, unwavering loyalty. I miss you sweet boy.



Big loss in our fur family today
Sage our brother passed away
So many hearts he touched
In 11 yrs he went thru so much
He was a fun playful boy
But we could never touch his toy
Then Sage became humble and weak
His illness he could not beat
Mom and Vets tried to save him
But his illness overcame him
We can see Moms eyes
It was hard to say her GOODBYES!



We had to say good bye to our fur baby. We had 15 years with the best dog we could ever hope for. She was always by our side in her quiet way, she loved just being with us. So much love and so many memories that we will always cherish. We miss you more than words can say. Cross the rainbow bridge Tonka...our love goes with you forever.


August 6, 2009- February 20, 2020

Our beloved Finnegan passed away on Thursday February 20, 2020 surrounded by his loved ones after a brief battle with cancer. He was 10 years old.
Finnegan was one of 10 puppies. His aunt had also had a litter of 9 puppies at the same time! Our first time meeting Finnegan, there were 19 puppies running around!
Finnegan was born on a farm in a small town of Dublin, Ontario, just past Stratford.
We chose Finnegan because he was one of the calmest and laid back of all the puppies. This was his temperament for his entire life.
Finnegan was our first (fur) baby before having our children.
He was a kind and gentle soul. He was such a good dog with his human brother (Lucas) and human sister (Sadie).
You would never have guess that he was 10 because he acted like a puppy! Always wanting to run and play with anyone willing.
Finnegan will be greatly cherished and his time spent with us will never be forgotten. We will miss him dearly.
He took a piece of our heart with him when he left.

Morgan, Jason, Lucas and Sadie Bissell



April 5th we said goodbye to our best fur friend. She was a big part of our family. Even though we owned her, she was often referred to as "everybody's dog". She loved all people and all people loved her. She had a great life and because of her, so did we.

Thank you for the care you provided to Abby. Your care and compassion for our fur friends is evident and will never be forgotten.

Natalie Trimble and Family



Ruby Beaulieu passed away peacefully at Southside Animal Clinic on Saturday, April 18, 2020 from diabetic complications. She will be missed by her human papa (Real) and human Mama (Donna) plus the rest of the family, including her fur cousins Sabby and Lily.
Ruby lived a comfortable, loved and mostly spoiled 1 years. She loved her brushings and her toys. She showed nothing less than true companionship to her beloved Papa, she was royalty and will never be forgotten. May you forever Rest In Peace knowing you gave your all land stayed strong until the end.
The family gratefully thanks Dr. Natalie Jones and the Team at Southside Animal Clinic. Your professionalism, kindness and compassion during this difficult time is appreciated more than words could truly express.



This is my beautiful, photogenic companion of 13 years, Lola, who died last week. She was very affectionate and allowed anyone to pet here. She was also annoying with her habit of scratching the tv or knocking stuff of tables, dressers, etc to get your attention. She used to snuggle on my chest and shoulder and lick my hair, face and nose. I will miss her smile.



This is Teyha She will be very much missed. Best friend ever.



How lucky we were to have you as part of our family for 12 of your 15 years. Sometimes you would escape from the back yard - just so you could meet your girl when she came home from school. We miss the happy thump of your tail every time we walk in the door and the way you would tilt your head when we spoke to you. RIP beautiful girl; we will love you forever.



We adopted Charlie from The London Animal Care Center in January 2013. He was a loveable, playful dog and immediately became a member of our family. Charlie loved playing in the lake, chasing after balls, making snow angels, cuddling with anyone who was willing and talking for his Timbits. We wish to thank the veterinarians (especially Dr. Kennedy) and all the staff for the great care you had for Charlie. He will be greatly missed. Thank you. The Sutherland family.



Zadaneya, on June 15, 2020 in her seventh year passed peacefully outside with the sun shining and surrounded by family after battling osteosarcoma.
Zadaneya was the sweetest, loving girl who loved to run, roll in the grass and bask in the sun on warm days. She will forever be in our hearts.
We will see you again someday at the rainbow bridge.



My girl Daisy,
I rescued her about 4 years ago, she was the sassiest girl who was obsessed with her tennis balls, blanket and loved her wagon rides. She is missed by her mom and fur brother Thunder. Thank you, Southside Animal Clinic, for taking care of my girl.



It is not surprising that Madge would leave this world for having a heart that was too big.
She only ever really wanted love. Her favourite spot was right next to you and she did her best to imitate our kissing noises. She'd wake us up in the morning with 'neck hugs' and she loved being in our arms. Her favourite pastime was to sit on the passenger's lap in the car with her head out the window. She enjoyed camping and loved unwrapping gifts at Christmas.
She crossed the Rainbow Bridge on June 6th, 2020 to meet Victor, Mocha and Daisy on the other side. We will always love you, our baby girl, our sweet pea - our Madge.
Forever in Our Hearts,
Daddy Beau and Daddy Steve



Malone is a Corgi x Jack Russell Terrier. She was 14 yrs old and a very busy girl. As a member of Middlesex Agility Club she enjoyed running agility courses both for fun and in trials. She earned her Agility Dog of Canada title and made many friends both human and canine. She had the opportunity of making friends with only 1 skunk in her lifetime. She enjoyed living with her 2 housemates, McGuire, a Cardigan Corgi, and Braedie, a Pembroke Corgi. I'm sure she has reunited with McGuire over the Rainbow Bridge. She will forever be in my heart. Missing her.

Maggie May


Our beautiful Maggie, Mimi, Leela, Limpy Lou, Migs and many other nicknames. We were blessed with her for 11 yrs and she was our first dog. She was extremely loyal, friendly, playful, funny, sweet, and she was so loved and adored by her humans and her furry family Jimmy, Harvey Peanut Cousin Bix and Uncle Oliver.She was one of a kind and will be missed forever



Kitty came into our lives unexpectedly in 2012 at approximately 2 years old. We were mourning the loss of another cat, when a friend messaged urgently about a rescue kitty who was found with her kittens under a shed. The babies were adopted, but no one wanted to adopt an adult black cat, and she would be released back onto the streets with slim chances of survival. She stole our hearts right away and thrived in our household. She was a sweet and loving companion, affectionate and mild mannered and will be dearly missed by all who had the pleasure of meeting her. Julian's "second favourite cat", since his favourite died 3 years ago and the other one hides from him".



Thank you to Southside Animal Clinic, and especially Dr. Lucas for taking care of our sweet girl from the time she was 8 weeks old, to her passing at 13 years old.



Stella passed away on Sunday, September 20, 2020 at about 10:00am while we were away on vacation. Stella was only 2 1/2 years old. She was playful, gentle and the sweetest pup you ever met. Stella brought such joy into our lives and will be forever missed. She loved to be loved and she loved to love.

Thank you,
Brad & Renee



Stewart adopted us at the Humane Society London & Middlesex in 2014 and enriched our lives beyond measure before he departed on September 24, 2020. We miss him looking after us whether in his chair, around his backyard, in the car and, most of all, on our walks where he chose the direction every day.



Kyle and his brother joined us 7 years ago. Since that day, he was a loving brother, ultimate food bowl master, super snuggler, daily olympic hall walker, furniture scaler, lover and "Mr. Personality". When Southside assisted us in gently saying goodbye to our sweet boy, a huge hole was left in our lives and the life of his brother Johnny. We love you Kyle. Walk pain free now and bask in the sunshine. Until we meet again ...



In Memory of Ginger Goulden
October 17/20 we lost our beautiful brown nosed girl Ginger. She brought laughter, joy and sunshine into our lives for 14 ½ years. She was the princess and knew how to charm everyone she met with her many kisses. Her sweet memories will stay in our hearts forever, she will be sadly missed by her family.
She made her presence known when we brought her into Southside, barking orders at the staff as she pranced around waiting for her appointments. Thank you to Dr. Shaneen and Dr. Karen and staff for all the years of excellent care you provided her.
Bruce and Doris and Buddy Goulden



Our sweet little girl Daisy left this world cradled in our arms on November 9th, 2020. We thought we were rescuing her from a puppy mill back in 2007 but in truth she rescued us. If only people could show the love and loyalty she had the world would be a better place. She is welcomed into heaven by her big brother Buddy who left us 6 years ago. We will forever miss you Daisy....Mom, Dad and Becca.